Max level character in World of Warcraft

How to level up in WoW?

Gaining experience (XP) is how you level up in WoW. Many activities grant experience. Most experience will come from dungeons, quests and bonus objectives. There are a variety of ways to increase experience gains. These include potions, War Mode, Seasonal Events, gem sockets, and more.

Want to level up fast in World of Warcraft? Here’s how you do it.



For the first 10-15 levels, you don’t have much of a choice for leveling up. Quests are where you need to start.
You’re going to spawn into your starting area, which will depend on your race. In some cases, your class. Follow the quests that are pretty much spoon-fed to you.
There is a yellow exclamation mark on characters in the game. That means that they have a quest available for you. Once you’ve accepted this quest, you’ll notice that your map updates to show you where to go. Once you complete the quest, the game will direct you to the next zone. You can pretty much follow this process all the way to max level.
Every quest you complete will give your character more experience. Explore the world and complete every quest you can find. If you move on from an area before finishing every single quest, remember to abandon them. You can do this by right clicking each one in your quest log and clicking “Abandon”. If you don’t do this your quest log will fill up. A full quest log means you won’t be able to accept new quests.


Soon you should be able to start doing dungeons. Dungeons are quests where you team up with other players to defeat a series of bosses. There are also quests within dungeons and they give great rewards on completion.
You will have the option to join a random dungeon or you can choose a specific one. But if your goal is to level up fast, choose a random dungeon. You will get bonus experience for completing a random dungeon.
Now, playing as a Tank or Healer will give you the fastest way to level up via dungeons. That’s because these classes of characters are always in need by other players. A Tank is a player that attracts the enemy and keeps them away from other players. A Healer heals from afar. Other classes of characters are DPS which stands for Damage Per Second. If you are a tank or healer and select those options in the Dungeon Finder, you won’t have to wait for random dungeons.


Any writing on the topic of leveling in WoW has to explain heirlooms. Heirlooms are special pieces of armor that level up with your character. Heirlooms for the head, chest, shoulder, legs, and back have an experience bonus. The total bonus is 45% if you have them all. It’s also possible to get a ring that adds another 5 percent bonus. But you must win a fishing contest to get it, and that can take some time.
Most heirlooms have limited help in their default form. You have to upgrade them to help them work at higher levels. It will cost you about 30,000 gold to outfit your character with a full set of heirlooms. It’s worth the effort if you get the gold to do it. Heirlooms are expensive, but help a lot in leveling up.
Another benefit to heirlooms is that they are bound to your account. This means all your characters have access to them once purchased.

How long does it take to max level in WoW?

Max level character in World of Warcraft

This will depend on a lot of factors. If you dedicate time and stay focused reaching max level should take from 50-80 hours.
Of course, it can go faster or slower depending on how you play. It helps to play with heirlooms as they give you bonus experience. Additionally, you can make things go faster by using the Azeroth Auto Pilot Addon.

If you are using heirlooms and the Auto Pilot Addon, here are some times to expect at different levels:

  • Level 50-90: experience gain takes about 1 hour per level.
  • Level 90-100: about 3 hours if you have heirlooms and draenor flying.
  • Level 100-110: about 1 hour per level if you quest. 15 minutes per level with a focus on invasions.
  • Level 110-120: about 1.5 hours per level.

Where can I level up in WoW?

Traveling in World of Warcraft earns you little experience. You get some for discovering new areas, but it’s best to not travel too much if you’re trying to level up.
To avoid travel, you need to focus on zones that don’t need a lot of travel. Here is a list of recommendations for each level.
Level 1-60
Alliance players do best by starting in Stormwind. Then proceeding through Westfall, Redridge Mountains, Duskwood, and both Stranglethorn zones. These areas next tot to each other, small, and have good quest flow.
Horde players should start their journey in Orgrimmar. After that visit Azshara and The Barrens zones. Both have a decent quest flow. After those, head to Tanaris and Un’Goro Crater. They are flat, simple zones that are easy to traverse riding a mount.
Level 60-70
This is a bit tougher. You must spend these levels navigating the game’s oldest content. Focus on the newer zones in Northrend. These zones are Sholazar Basin, Grizzly Hills, and Storm Peaks.
Level 80-90
At this level it’s best to head to the continent of Pandaria. You can spend this entire level range exploring its themed zones and quests. We recomment The Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, and Kun-Lai Summit in particular.
Level 90-100
Draenor, is the best place to quest at this level. Stick to the main story quests, They’ll guide you with minimal back-tracking.
We also recommend Spires of Arak when given the chance at this level. It’s a beautiful zone with excellent story and characters.
Level 100-110
Stick to The Broken Isles. It doesn’t have a main quest that directs you like Draenor. Every zone is great and offers a fun story.
Level 110+
We recommend you follow the Battle for Azeroth story quests.


World of Warcraft offers a limitless way to play the game. If you want to gain experience fast stick with quests and dungeons. Try to get your character decked out in heirlooms. Also, definitely check out the Azeroth Auto Pilot Addon.
While it’s fun to get a character to max level. The journey itself is many times better. Sometimes grinding for levels can be a frustrating experience. If you are a new player we recommend taking your time to enjoy the immersive experience that WoW has to offer.

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